The Barrow Eats Charge Explained


It is key to improving our service to you

Whilst adding a few pennies to your order is a small additional fee for our valued customers, it actually makes the world of difference for us. I’m sure you’ll appreciate we’re new to this, and like you, we want things to run smoothly. Charging a very small service fee(and one that still beats all of our competitors by a staggering 40%, despite us being a local start-up!) allows us to keep commission fees for the takeaway down which has allowed us to attract a whole range of establishments that aren’t on other online food ordering websites (see, Pastures Pantry, Diamond and Just Tasty as excellent examples!).

It prevents big business from eating up the little business

We’re also in the unfortunate position of being charged higher processing fees than the larger, more established companies, because we are a startup. We’re sure you’ll agree that isn’t really fair, but perhaps that’s just the modern world for you. But as we grow it should mean we can lower and even completely remove our fees. Our promise to you is that lower fees for us will also mean lower fees for you.

It actually creates more choice for you

Every takeaway has their set prices and fees that will inevitably vary. Without service charges, we will actually operate at a loss on the majority of orders.

The reason we don’t want that is because not only do losses damage our overall position as being someone who can provide you with a great, localised service, it also means including a wider range of top and exclusive takeaways will become much harder. Then our customers will be missing out on a great variety of food and a better Barrow Eats experience.

We promise to pay Barrow back in more ways than one

Whilst the charge is absolutely necessary for the vast majority of orders, there may be some where it just creates excess funds. To make sure we’re giving back to the community that is utilising our services, we promise that we will donate a percentage of any profits made from this to charities in the local area, keep an eye on our social media to see the featured charity of each month.

Finally, we’d just like to say a big thank you for taking the time to read this, and we sure hope you understand why are hands are slightly forced on this matter. If we could feed you for free… we probably would!